This Thread of Jon Rothstein Saying “It’s March” is a Must Watch

#OpenChallenge creator and content machine @JeffMcDev has created a multitude of tweets using popular songs, cinematic masterpieces, and quotes. Jeff uses CBS College Basketball Insider, Jon Rothstein’s/Photoshop’s generic, voice to end the recorded clip.

Check out the clips below. You can’t help but continue to chuckle at the absurdity of each.

It’s like a bad automobile crash you see coming, but cannot look away. Give Jeff a follow on the Twitter machine.  You’ll learn about his appreciation for ‘boli and his odd fascination of putting mayo and pickles on his pizza. He also is taking collaborations all March.


P.S. Jon Rothstein runs his Twitter account like a person with early onset Alzheimers:


It continues and then culminates after the Wildcats win the first day of the tournament.

A Sixers Fan and Supporter of Sam Hinkie Wrote to the NBA About the Laker’s Not so Subtle Tanking

Michael, who goes by Bud Bundy on Twitter, a Sixers fan and “Trust the Process” truther received this email from an employee in NBA Fan Relations. He wrote that he believed the NBA should intervene in the current Lakers situation the way they did in the Sixers front office last year.

This was his email to the league:

Bud Bundy has a point. How much of a crock of shit is that Public Relations ridden email?

While some teams may be clearing cap room and playing young players who have great potential, we do not believe any NBA teams are “tanking,”  or losing on purpose.

Yea nothing says great potential like D-League star David Nwaba in place for Nick Young down the stretch.

The Lakers have also moved starting forward Nick Young to the pine in favor of D-League call-up David Nwaba, who signed his second 10-day contract with the team on Monday. He is averaging three points and has yet to make more than one field goal in a game.


 The Sixers never shut down their highest paid player on the team during their stretch of tanking like the Lakers. The contract numbers combined are $136 million for Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng to sit on the pine. D’Angelo Russell has been relegated to the bench in favor of Jordan Clarkson, though a competent player, not part of the long term plan like Russell.

Also, look at this quote from an interview in 2014 when Jeannie Buss discussed how tanking is bad for players, fans, and organizations.

“The teams that use tanking as a strategy are doing damage. If you’re in tanking mode, that means you’ve got young players who you’re teaching bad habits to. I think that’s unforgivable,” she said. “If you’re tanking and you have young players or you keep a short roster, you’re playing guys out of their position or too many minutes, you’re risking injury. It’s irresponsible and I don’t think it belongs in any league.”

So much hypocrisy from the league, but when you’ve won 16 titles and play in the second largest market you can get away with this bullshit.

Adam Silver wants to start instituting “significant penalties” because coaches want to rest their players on back to back road games when the league can’t figure out how to incorporate a correct schedule. How about significant penalties for teams giving the league the bird for sitting two players whose contracts are equal to the GDP of the Marshall Islands?

Villanova Won’t Make it Past Wisconsin 

This shirt made me puke. I’m not sure whether it’s my allegiance or I don’t believe in the sanctity of Villanova athletics. On Lancaster Ave there sits a school of riches; a basketball program, a nice campus, and a student body that shows out for the games. The ‘games’ being basketball. Brian Westbrook 15 years later can’t carry the football team no more. This school is Villanova.

It was once looked at as a diaper dandy and your favorite school to lose in the second round. Finally, it was that school that beat Pittsburgh to get to the Final Four on that last second shot and then lost to a premier program like North Carolina.

Then again, they beat them last year for the Natty. BANG! 

But this program is not a Philly school that deals with the hardships us Temple students had to deal with. Nor do Villanova employees pay the city wage tax. You can be named the best school in Philly history, but why don’t people resonate with you? 

Because none of us are going to Maserati of Main Line on our off days. 

Is this an anti-Villanova piece because I’m a Temple fan? You bet ya. And if Jaylen Brunson’s dad could resist rub and tugs your PG would be a redshirt freshman, Donte DiVicenzo. 

I’ll give Jay Wright credit. Your prized recruit out because of academic issues is something you don’t gameplan for. But, I’ll be surprised if they make it past Wisconsin. 

Chase Daniel Released


After the signing of Nick Foles, Chase “Not Daniels” Daniel has asked the Eagles to release him. The Eagles are open to the release after they were unable to find a suitable trade partner over the weekend.

After a long illustrious career here in Philadelphia let’s look at a few highlights:



And than:


The Cherry on Top:

Wow! And what a 2016 preseason it was for Chase. Goodbye sweet Prince.

A couple of other Eagles anecdotes:

Blow off that dust, your LJ Smith jersey is topical again!

Alshon Jefferey cucked Nelson Agholor and took his number 17.

Agholor will now be wearing Josh Huff’s old number #13. Lot to live up to there.

And Chance Warmack is #67.

While You Were Tailgating…


Welcome back from a weekend of Erin Express and other debauchery going down in Philly this week. Enjoy today because you’ll be cramped in your house for the next two days…

How the trophy wives on the Main Line are handling their shopping today.



Monday comes at you fast.

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Nick Foles is Back

I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for the signing of a backup QB. Nick Foles is back, signing a two year deal with the Eagles. The Eagles have been shopping Chase “Not Daniels” Daniel and you think with this move they have found a suitor.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane of all the great Nick Foles moments. Play the video as you’re scrolling through for the real effect.

Nick Foles’ tribute in the Hall of Fame next to Peyton Manning.

Footlong Foles

Everytime he took off from the pocket it was like watching a car wreck when he slid.

That one year on the Rams he was so bad that they opted to play a concussed Case Keenum in place of him.
And now Howie Roseman has pulled off  the “Full Chip Kelly”. Welcome back Nicky 6.

Breaking Down the Alshon Jefferey Signing

maxresdefaultWe have a No. 1 Wide Receiver! WE HAVE A NUMBER 1 WIDE RECEIVER! The biggest Eagles deal of the day came in the signing of 6’4 230 lb wide receiver Alshon Jefferey for 1 year/$14 million. This will give Carson Wentz the big target and sure hands the Eagles wanted to surround Wentz with.

The Deal:

The Eagles signed Alshon Jefferey to a “prove it deal”. After battling hamstring injuries and a 4 game PED suspension Jefferey turned down a safer multi-year deal from the Vikings to play for the Eagles.

The Good:

Alshon Jefferey when healthy is a top-10 wide receiver. And Howie just made this WR corp top-10 in the league in one day. You heard that right. He’s a threat all over the field and has hands. HE HAS HANDS! A crisp route runner who helped Jalen Mills go viral for all the wrong reasons last year.



And this. THIS! This is what gets me hard in the morning.

The Bad:

Nothing! As long as the Sixers team doctors aren’t anywhere near the NovaCare Complex they have no chance of ruining the diagnosis of a routine hamstring injury into a season ending one.

Also, a babysitter for Lane Johnson’s kids when they both get suspended for PED use and Lane wants to go on date night with the Mrs.


To be real for a second, over the last couple of years Eagles fans have been sheep to this organization. The “Dream Team” in 2012 and then the Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso signings a few years later. We’ve bought into the organization’s big spending on Free Agents in the past, but these two deals seemed well thought out and calculated as well as providing little risk to the Eagles. So good on Howie, the Shephard, because this is me currently.


Breaking Down the Torrey Smith Signing


The Eagles signed Torrey Smith to a 3 year/$15 Million deal Thursday. There were reports last year that the Eagles were interested in acquiring Smith at the trade deadline last year. After being cut by the San Francisco 49ers days ago the Eagles got Smith for cheap.

The Deal:

Torrey Smith’s 3 year/$15 Million deal is only $500k guaranteed and the $4.5 million in 2017 is not. A low risk, high reward deal that won’t hurt the Eagles if the Torrey Smith project doesn’t work out.

The Good:

The Eagles were in need of a deep threat. Dorial Green-Beckham’s lackadaisical route running and Nelson Agholor’s lack of hands won’t cut it. Many noticed the dink and dunk offense that Doug Pederson ran last year. Whether that is his offensive plan going forward or he had a lack of deep threats to call plays for there is no more excuses.

Smith’s last two years with the 49ers were abysmal garnering 53 catches for 930 yards. Smith is still young, only 28, and had 65 catches for 1,128 yards in 2013 and 11 touchdowns in 2014. Smith put together two great seasons with a strong armed QB, Joe Flacco, whose characteristics compare to Carson Wentz.

Torrey Smith is known as one of the most standup characters in the league and has been nominated multiple times for Walter Payton Man of the Year. Adding a veteran locker room presence to the locker room will benefit a young locker room that wasn’t focused last year.

The Bad:


Had a career-worst 40.8 percent catch rate last season (49 targets, 20 receptions). Other 2016 catch rates for comparison’s sake: Jordan Matthews (62.4), Nelson Agholor (52.2), Brandin Cooks (66.7), Kenny Stills (51.9), DeSean Jackson (56.0), Kenny Britt (61.3), and Julio Jones (64.3).

I don’t think Philadelphia can take any more drop hot takes, tweets, or stats from beats after the last two years.

Overall this signing is what it is. Not sexy, but if Smith shows flashes of his time with Baltimore in a similar QB situation it could be a steal. If it doesn’t Smith is probably not here next March.

Running Free Agency Live Blog


Alshon will sign with the Eagles. 1 yr / $14 Mil


Little under a half hour until free agents can sign the Vikings enter the mix.

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