76ers in Full Tank Mode as Season Comes to an End

Csnphilly.com – Saric has been placed on a 24-minute guideline, designed to get him through the final five games of the season. He suffered left heel soreness and the Sixers capped his minutes, which had reached 31.7 per game during March.

Sam Hinkie is ALIVE (sort of)! The Tank is back and in semi-full force! All is well with Sixers basketball as the season comes to the end and I love it! (My new boss told me exclamation points are important!!)

Coming off a blistering 6-11 record in the month of March the Colangelo’s took a page out of the GOAT’s playbook and placed a minute’s restriction for the remainder of the season on the soon to be Rookie of the Year. During that stretch “The Homie” has single handedly carried the Sixers to wins over the Bulls, Celtics, and Lakers. Dario needed to be stopped before he won another game. Side note, the Colangelo’s could not run the risk of T.J. McConnell getting hurt during celebrations.


T.J. needs to be on the court in order for this team to lose.

The Sixers currently sit in 5th place for the lottery with only 5 games remaining against the 3 teams (Nets, Bucks, and Knicks) they have a winning record against this season. The Sixers can finish as high as 4th in the lottery or as low as 9th. This is the last Tank we NEED! WE CANNOT WIN ANOTHER GAME THIS SEASON! AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE HAVE THE LAKERS PICK FALL TO 4TH IN THE LOTTERY! GIVE ME MONK AT 4 AND FOX/SMITH AT 5!


Btw I love that the Magic want “The Homie” back! He is ours, you can’t have him back! You will never forget the name Sam Hinkie again!

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