Joel Embiid Will “Very Likely” Need Surgery

That meniscus is way to torn you need cut it!

Sixers have the worst medical staff in the league you need to cut it! 

Sorry, trying to make light of a shitty situation using O.T. Genesis

According to Marc “With a C” Stein it is “very likely” Joel Embiid will need surgery.

Sources told that Embiid and the Sixers have been exploring treatment options after he suffered a partially torn meniscus and bone bruise in his left knee Jan. 20 against Portland.

A recovery timetable won’t be established, sources said, until after the procedure.

This is shitty. Fans are going to be spending our summers getting little information on his recovery. The occasional instagram of a working out Embiid will surface charging up false hope. The Sixers will tell us Embiid will be held out to start the season. There will be a minute restriction when he comes back. Lastly, there’s a chance he injures something else. It’s Groundhog Day starring Joel Embiid’s lower appendage. 

Not that one you dirtball.

Doing my due diligence on WebMD to see what a normal meniscus tear surgery timetable can be. The bold part is deflating so read with caution.

Your surgeon may recommend that you do not move your knee more than absolutely necessary (immobilization) for 2 weeks after surgery. This may be followed by 2 weeks of limited motion before you are able to resume daily activities. Physical therapy should begin right after surgery. But heavy stresses, such as running and squats, should be postponed for some months. You must follow your doctor’s rehabilitation (rehab) plan for optimum healing. Afterwards, you may still continue to have pain and require more physical therapy or, sometimes, additional surgery.

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