Philadelphia Sports Radio Stations Have Officially Given Up


We all know the state of Philadelphia Sports Radio has been in an interesting limbo the last few years with the introduction of sports blogs and podcasts.

Mostly everyone in the Delaware Valley area has their same routine. Angelo Cataldi in the morning and Mikey Miss in the afternoon. No station has been able to have an overall stranglehold on the ratings from top to bottom. The future does not look any brighter with the all but certain retirement of Angelo and Mike Missanelli’s major back surgery sidelining him for weeks. 

Who is going to replace these two titans of the industry after they hang them up?

Let’s look into the future; a future that looks laced with debates about the best bourbon chicken in Mall Food Courts and questions asking, “Is it good your local college sports team, the most dominant sports team over the last two decades in a town starving for a championship, loss in the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament?”

Act I: The Bourbon Chicken 

“Here is Tim Legler joining the Comcast Hotline. First question, Tim, is Mall Food Court bourbon chicken in fact the G.O.A.T?”

Why would ask a former NBA players’ opinion on the hottest topic in the NBA right now of resting players?

Act II: Outlandish Prognostications

I know with ‘Hot Takes’ comes ratings and people blogging about your takes increases the visibility, but there is no way Gargano believes the shit he is spewing. There is a laundry list of running backs drafted in the first round that never panned out in the league, but to say Leonard Fournette is basically soft and goes down easy??

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


He missed five games last season and was only 150 yards away from 1,000.


Act III: The Final Nail in the Coffin

I think I made this clear last week. I hate (am jealous) of Villanova. The fact that the WIP Morning Show has to even ask this question furthers my stance on the media will run every great future athlete or ruin every story–Simmons, Embiid, Wentz etc–out of town because they pull this stunt.

Villanova is the most successful team in the Delaware Valley since 2000. Nova epitomizes this city that prides itself on the blue collar spirit of hardworking athletes that do it by the book. I enjoyed Villanova’s loss over the weekend. I would have been content with another Villanova run to the national title because last year was a fun time for the city. To tweet about the failure of a school who brought the most championship starving city just that is so trivial. Then again when your host tweets this and is so wrong how can you not believe the account promoting the show would do something as absurd.

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