A Sixers Fan and Supporter of Sam Hinkie Wrote to the NBA About the Laker’s Not so Subtle Tanking

Michael, who goes by Bud Bundy on Twitter, a Sixers fan and “Trust the Process” truther received this email from an employee in NBA Fan Relations. He wrote that he believed the NBA should intervene in the current Lakers situation the way they did in the Sixers front office last year.

This was his email to the league:

Bud Bundy has a point. How much of a crock of shit is that Public Relations ridden email?

While some teams may be clearing cap room and playing young players who have great potential, we do not believe any NBA teams are “tanking,”  or losing on purpose.

Yea nothing says great potential like D-League star David Nwaba in place for Nick Young down the stretch.

The Lakers have also moved starting forward Nick Young to the pine in favor of D-League call-up David Nwaba, who signed his second 10-day contract with the team on Monday. He is averaging three points and has yet to make more than one field goal in a game.


 The Sixers never shut down their highest paid player on the team during their stretch of tanking like the Lakers. The contract numbers combined are $136 million for Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng to sit on the pine. D’Angelo Russell has been relegated to the bench in favor of Jordan Clarkson, though a competent player, not part of the long term plan like Russell.

Also, look at this quote from an interview in 2014 when Jeannie Buss discussed how tanking is bad for players, fans, and organizations.

“The teams that use tanking as a strategy are doing damage. If you’re in tanking mode, that means you’ve got young players who you’re teaching bad habits to. I think that’s unforgivable,” she said. “If you’re tanking and you have young players or you keep a short roster, you’re playing guys out of their position or too many minutes, you’re risking injury. It’s irresponsible and I don’t think it belongs in any league.”

So much hypocrisy from the league, but when you’ve won 16 titles and play in the second largest market you can get away with this bullshit.

Adam Silver wants to start instituting “significant penalties” because coaches want to rest their players on back to back road games when the league can’t figure out how to incorporate a correct schedule. How about significant penalties for teams giving the league the bird for sitting two players whose contracts are equal to the GDP of the Marshall Islands?

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