Villanova Won’t Make it Past Wisconsin 

This shirt made me puke. I’m not sure whether it’s my allegiance or I don’t believe in the sanctity of Villanova athletics. On Lancaster Ave there sits a school of riches; a basketball program, a nice campus, and a student body that shows out for the games. The ‘games’ being basketball. Brian Westbrook 15 years later can’t carry the football team no more. This school is Villanova.

It was once looked at as a diaper dandy and your favorite school to lose in the second round. Finally, it was that school that beat Pittsburgh to get to the Final Four on that last second shot and then lost to a premier program like North Carolina.

Then again, they beat them last year for the Natty. BANG! 

But this program is not a Philly school that deals with the hardships us Temple students had to deal with. Nor do Villanova employees pay the city wage tax. You can be named the best school in Philly history, but why don’t people resonate with you? 

Because none of us are going to Maserati of Main Line on our off days. 

Is this an anti-Villanova piece because I’m a Temple fan? You bet ya. And if Jaylen Brunson’s dad could resist rub and tugs your PG would be a redshirt freshman, Donte DiVicenzo. 

I’ll give Jay Wright credit. Your prized recruit out because of academic issues is something you don’t gameplan for. But, I’ll be surprised if they make it past Wisconsin. 

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