Nike is on a Quest for the First Under Two Hour Marathon

09SHOESweb4-superJumboWell that is one way to steal the spotlight from your biggest rival’s sales increasing 29% from last year.

Nike has created the Zoom Vaporfly Elite as part of their Breaking2 project where the end goal is having a runner break the Marathon record in under two hours. Many are calling it a publicity stunt, but the main takeaway is it blurs the line between technology and sports. The record setting body suits swimmers wore were banned at Beijing in 2008 after they were deemed an unfair advantage. Could shoes be the next form of PED’s? Maybe. Nike says this about their shoe:

Nike says that the carbon-fiber plate saves 4 percent of the energy needed to run at a given speed when compared with another of its popular racing shoes.

If accurate, said Tucker, the South African sports scientist, that is “the equivalent of running downhill at a fairly steep gradient” of 1 to 1.5 percent.

This does not separate from the fact that with technology comes advances in sports. Wood rackets moving towards metal, cinder running tracks are now synthetic rubber, and baseball moved out of it’s “Dead Ball Era” with innovations to it’s equipment. If anything this will add to the excitement to a sport lacking in mainstream press.

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