The Redskins Are in Turmoil


The Redskins were trending up. They hired Scot McCloughan as their first competent GM since the 1970s, they have a top-15 QB in Kirk Cousins, and it seemed Dan Snyder wasn’t getting his infant sized hands on every situation. They were even one win away from the playoffs and the future looked bright.

Fast forward to this year when they couldn’t decide if Cousins was a franchise QB or not. They ended up tagging Cousins for the second year in a row to the tune of $24 million. The QB though seems to have his sights set on San Francisco and his former QB coach. That wouldn’t even come close to the worst storyline this offseason.

At the combine last week the best scout in the Redskin’s organization, McCloughan, wasn’t present at the combine.

“Family matters.” That’s normal.

This is where the story careens off the tracks though. Chris Cooley weeks before, former tight end turned radio host, spoke on ESPN 980 (owned by Dan Snyder) that the Redskins won’t allow McCloughan to talk to the media because he has relapsed.

“You start to wonder, what the hell is going on here?” Cooley asked. “And I start to look at this and say, ‘Do we not trust what Scot McCloughan is going to say to the media, and is that why he’s not allowed to talk to the media?’ And if we don’t trust what he’s going to say to the media, why don’t we trust what he’s going to say to the media? Now, if you look at the history of Scot McCloughan, I think the one thing that you’d immediately start to flush out as to why we don’t trust what he’s going to say is that he’s had a drinking problem over his entire career. And so you ask right away, is he drinking?”

Furthermore, the family matters McCloughan seemed to reference were for his grandmother who died February 6th almost a month before the combine.

And then this broke:

Obviously the situation is messed up. It is being handled poorly and the fact that the radio station owned by the Skins didn’t come out and refute Cooley’s statement makes you think this is all true.



Oh and just because I want to pour as much salt on the Redskins’ wounds as possible. The contract extension was conceived in a bar in Indianapolis.

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