SLAM Recreates the ‘Soul On Ice’ Cover With Joel Embiid


SLAM Magazine recreated the iconic Allen Iverson with Joel Embiid, AND EVERYTHING HAPPY FROM MY CHILDHOOD IS ALL COMING BACK TO ME.

Unfortunately, the idea was crafted a weeks before the meniscus tear was announced. The Sixers PR team and medical staff strike again!

The cover story is here, and in it Joel Embiid calls his shot while talking with his trainer Drew Hanlen.

“He told me he was gonna average 20 points per game during the season,” Hanlen says now. “I said, Hey Jo, I believe when you’re healthy and when you’re playing you’re gonna be one of the best big guys in the NBA, but averaging a point a minute is absurd. Let’s just go out there and try to help your team win more games and continue to improve throughout this rookie season and get better.”

Embiid finished his first game with 20 points, playing 22 minutes while also grabbing 7 rebounds and blocking 2 shots in a 103-97 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Jeez, that game against OKC feels like lightyears ago.

Something that caught my eye and makes me less worried the Philadelphia media will ruin Joel is this quote:

“I observe a lot,” he adds. “When people are talking to me I don’t look them in the eye and I act like I’m looking somewhere else or not hearing what they’re saying, but every time someone’s talking to me, I’m listening to everything. I take everything in and process it in my mind and take the good out of it and keep it in my mind and take the bad out of it and just get it out. I think that’s been the biggest thing that’s helped me get better—just listening to people and observing.”

It makes sense when you see him in the public eye. He doesn’t always seem engaged and rarely smiles for photographs, but I’m happy it seems on purpose.

Continue reading and check out behind the scenes of the shoot:

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