Great News if You’re an NFL Wide Receiver…The Eagles Want You


The legal tampering period starts in about 15 minutes. There is sure to be blockbuster trades, handshake Free Agency signings, and Tony Romo’s release by Thursday. The good thing for every Wide Receiver in the NFL you’ll probably have a job by Thursday. It will most likely be with the Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have been linked to more mediocre, old, and injury prone Free Agent WRs then I can remember. At least it’s not the mediocre Cornerback the Eagles have been reported to be pursuing in the last couple of years. This one is different! Whether it’s Kenny Stills, Desean Jackson, or Alshon Jeffrey the Eagles look poised to overpay for the characteristics I mentioned above.

Is it me or are there more reports leaked that the Eagles have been interested in so and so more this year then any other. Jesus Howie, you already have the weekday show on WIP, do you need anymore attention? Maybe resemble a winning organization like the Patriots who keep their organization as quiet as a church mouse.

Don’t even get me started on Terrelle Pryor or Kenny Britt. Yes, Pryor showed flashes of brilliance during the season and amassed 1,000 yards with the Cleveland Browns turnstile of QBs. Pryor is nicknamed the “Human 9 Route”. He can only run one route and we already have Dorial Green-Beckham giving minimal effort on it. Next, Kenny Britt who has had one good year with the Titans in 2010–his second year in the league. The top song in 2010 “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. I need my Wide Receivers to be more relevant then a f—— one hit wonder.

Go crazy Howie. Make this Free Agency period exciting. Get us sheep to buy in to this year like we did two years ago when Demarco Murray, Byron Maxwell, and Kiko Alonso came to town (albeit not your doing). Trade that pick for Brandin Cooks (which I believe is a valuable move) because you have shown your incompetence in the first round of drafts. Danny Watkins is currently the richest fireman in Canada and I hope Marcus Smith will finally conquer tackling this Training Camp.

I’m gonna puke:

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