While you were tailgating…

Welcome back from a weekend of tailgating whether you were in South Philly or maybe even Clearwater. This feature will be a roundup of the big stories from the weekend.


President Trump accused Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the election…but failed to provide any evidence.

Eagles gave Allen Barbre permission to seek trade. On the other side they signed Jaylen Watkins to a one year deal and Trey Burton to a second-round RFA tender. Regarding the Burton signing:

Burton stands to make $2.81 million under the tender and the Eagles will have the right to match any outside offer for his services or take a second-round pick as compensation.

A late night diner staple in Center City has finally set an end date.


NBC 10’s new Sheena Parveen.


Add another reason why the Eagles should return to Kelly Green


Haason Reddick had himself a Scouting Combine and propelled himself into 1st round discussion. Also this:

How could you not be rooting for this kid.


The NBA All-Star Game could experience major changes by next year. My favorite part:

Silver and Paul tossed around potential ideas like having team captains select starters instead of fan balloting…

Having team captains select the starters would be AWESOME! The biggest story leading up to the All-Star Game was Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant playing together on the same floor. Imagine if KD was elected team captain this year and kept Russ out of the starting lineups or vice versa. ‘Basketball Twitter’ remains the most creative and funniest clique of the 4 major sports. The story lines this new idea would create for the long term would generate an insane amount of excitement for the game.


It’s kind of sad how much Jordan has been meme’d over the last couple of years.


Formerly undefeated Philly Boxer Danny Garcia (33-1) lost to Keith Thurman (28-0) in a split decision to unify the welterweight division titles. 

Keith Thurman is an interesting man. By that I mean he believes we are slaves of an extra terrestrial race used as some type of “high tech science project”. A couple shots to the head over the weekend from Danny Garcia didn’t help.


SNL’s Cold Open of Jeff Sessions/Forest Gump was very well executed.




Maybe these two will induct each other into their respective Hall of Fames one day.


The Deadpool 2 teaser trailer came out and the writers haven’t missed a beat.



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