Max Kellerman Still Trusts the Process


I have to link to the ESPN video because they still live in archaic internet times and don’t allow embedding from their website. Maybe an effect as to why Disney told them to “trim $100 million from the 2016 budget and $250 million in 2017.”

Max Kellerman still ‘Trusts the Process’. On the “Final Take” segment of “First Take” you would think Kellerman was riding the ‘Trust the Process’ bandwagon. Unlike his colleague, who continues to be a blow hard and hasn’t had an intelligent take since covering Allen Iverson. Kellerman dives into a list of reasons why you should continue to believe in the Sixers organization despite the recent setbacks.

In the present NBA, teams have to be able to develop a ‘Super Team’ of sorts to win a championship and many assets/luck has to fall into place. Every player on the Cleveland Cavaliers he named in that clip was a 1st round pick and two-thirds were picked in the top 10.

The Sixers are in contention to receive a Top-5 pick in this year’s loaded NBA Draft that guarantees multiple stars. Contrast to the NBA Draft the Free Agent market is lacking in star power or any superstar willing to switch teams. The Sixers are in a great position to build themselves into a ‘Super Team’ and they don’t have to act fast either. The next 3-5 years belongs to the Cavs or Golden State Warriors. Continue to build, acquire assets, and outline the future for the top of the East for the next 10 years.

I get many fans are annoyed how long ‘The Process’ has gone on, but as Kellerman stated you would pay more to watch the Knicks, Nets, Orlando, Lakers, and Kings. There is no one in that group of teams right now you would trade for your allegiance. Maybe it will take one more year to get the wheels turning on ‘The Process’ bandwagon, and honestly it will probably be two. That’s okay with me because if you could guarantee 10 years of dominance for 5 years of mediocrity I would take that in a heartbeat.

P.S. I have never wavered on ‘The Process’. When Joel Embiid was shut down for the first, second, and now third time. When Ben Simmons was dealt the same fate. Lastly, when the NBA meddled in the Sixers organization forcing Jerry Colangelo to become an advisor. Simultaneously, firing the author of ‘The Process’ while instituting his son in the worst case of nepotism Philadelphia has seen since the Chattah family.



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