Eagles Have the 11th Most Valuable Selections in the NFL Draft


The Eagles have the 11th most valuable selections in the NFL Draft in April. The formula is loosely based off of the Jimmy Johnson draft value chart created by the longtime Dallas Cowboys coach. The graph is based off of the “average career value” a player has when picked at that spot in previous drafts. The Cleveland Browns have the most value in their selections, picking No. 1 and No. 12 in the first round alone. The Eagles have the second most value in the NFC East behind the Washington R——- at 10.

The recent reports that the Eagles are interested in Brandin Cooks and New Orleans is looking for a mid-round pick could move the Eagles down the valuation chart.

The middle of the road value is eerily similar to the current state of the team. I would rather be in the position of the Eagles franchise  than the St. Louis Los Angeles Rams, who have the least value in their selections after moving up to grad Jared Goff last year. The recent direction of the Rams and the fact Goff doesn’t seem to have a hold on the team spells a future of doubt. Things could always be worse…a sentiment we Philly fans have been uttering for years.

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