The Sixers Have Officially Pissed Off the Process Trusters



What if I told you the Sixers won this trade? Well according to that literary garbage above you would think we swindled a top-10 pick from the Mavs and got a young efficient defender. We’ll add this to the list of gross incompetence the Sixers have shown through their whole organization over the last few weeks. Tonight against the Washington Wizards without Joel Embiid, Ersan Ilyasova, Nerlens Noel, and Ben Simmons the Sixers raised ticket prices to levels that coincided with the Warriors. Many pinpointed this game as the return of Ben Simmons due to the heavy increase and was led on by Sixers sales reps. Not only is Simmons not starting a report came out that he is doubtful for the rest of the season after his CT scan yesterday.

All the good fortune that the Sixers have gained over the last six months is gone. There is none Zip, Zilch, Gone. This is even before the handling of the Embiid injury. At first Colangelo went on WIP and lied that they were keeping Embiid out for cautionary purposes even though they tried to rush him back for the nationally televised ESPN game against Houston. Until Derek Bodner scooped the team and reported he had a meniscus tear that would miss extended time. Even upsetting your future star player, who is one of two people to keep happy, SO MUCH THAT HE PUBLICLY SAID SO YESTERDAY!

Finally, the Okafor debacle. Imagine being told not to come in to your job we’re trying to negotiate a deal to move you to a completely different role in another state. Then days later, “Sorry, we weren’t able to find any suitors. Come on back.” Okafor hasn’t gotten enough credit for how mature he’s been through all of this especially because of the backlash he received after last year. His dad has to be on a remote island somewhere with no Internet or cell phone service to deliver fiery takes about that cornball pop collar wearing honkey Colangelo! The Sixers backed themselves into a corner. Reports came out of many potential suitors for Okafor and Colangelo wasn’t able to strike a deal or GMs were scared away from these reports.

The ticket increase, handling of Simmons/Embiid injuries, and not flipping Okafor are one thing. But pissing off even the hardest of Process Trusters is tough to do. We don’t feel Colangelo is one of us. He is the son of the Founder/CEO promoted because he did just enough for the company when his dad retired and jumped right over the founder’s beloved right hand man.

Idk, maybe Colangelo will prove us wrong. We were headed for an 8th seed 1st round loss this year. I enjoyed the Ersan trade and thought we received a good return. I just hope this regime can turn it around and add a transparency we haven’t seen since Joshua Harris took over.

Colangelo will be addressing the media at 10:30. Hopefully he’s grilled over everything mentioned in this post.

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