Live Blog: Bryan Colangelo Press Conference

cropped_reu_1316384The Collars are HOT & Pressed so high to protect his misleading eyes while he misleads the fanbase with misleading injury reports. MISLEAD!

10:34: Colly Bomb!! A lot less gratifying. Ben Simmons out for the year. Foot not fully healed. Next scan a month from now.

10:36-After dropping that little nugget about his No. 1 pick. Embiid is being brought back gradually. Will miss the next 4 games minimum.

10:38-Bryan Colangelo quote “So the trade deadline was yesterday.” Oh yea Bry? Did you forget to show?

10:39- Ersan wasn’t part of the Sixers long term plan. He was only their to translate for Dario.

10:40-Justin Anderson looked at as a defensive asset. Mid Conversation about Justin Anderson a reporters phone goes off “Sounds like an amber alert. Hope everythings alright.”

10:41- Colangelo says use of 2nd round picks are important for two way contracts under new CBA

10:42- Colangelo mentions the organizations as realists and the 1st round pick will become two seconds. Tell that to your fucking PR Team.

10:44-BC: Given the RFA circumstances and focus on Joel Embiid, they wanted to get what they could for Nerlens at this time.

10:45-BC: Sixers goal is to win a championship. Unlike the goal of just sitting in an executive office waiting for your father’s next “consulting gig”

10:46-BC mentions a quote “adds to the kitty”. Hates #RaiseTheCat. Heard it here first.

11:00-BC says the Sixers never intend “to mislead fans.” Read how they did here.

11:05-BC: Sixers intend to get a better deal down the road for Jahlil Okafor. “Right deal did not present itself.”

11:08-Colangelo talks the handling of the Embiid injury and says it wont happen again.

11:13-Colangelo asked if Embiid surgery possible for knee; “I sure hope not.”

11:15-Bogut dealing w/ family related issues for time being, BC mentions buyout. Tiago Splitter going to rehab, he was a “math equation” for the deal. Stays now.

11:22-No further procedures for Simmons. Jesus does Colangelo look uncomfortable talking up their and then slinking away at the end.





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