Bryan Colangelo Press Conference: Key Takeaways

ben-simmonsWhat a two day stretch it has been for Bryan Colangelo. Unable to unload Jahlil Okafor in a trade after a lot of interest from different teams in the second year big man. Joel Embiid will miss the next four games “minimum” and BC hopes there is no need for surgery, but he is “not ruling anything out.” Oh yea and, THE FUCKING SAVIOR IS DONE FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON. “Hope you bought your $100 first level tix for Dario Saric vs. the Washington Wizards that our sales reps and reports marketed for the debut of Ben Simmons!!!” Strap yourselves in cause the Takes get Hotter and more Takier below:

Ben Simmons foot is not fully healed and is out for 2017.

Stop me where you’ve heard this before. Was it June 15, 2015??? Replace Bryan Colangelo with a portly, balding, majestic angel in Sam Hinkie and we’re basically in Groundhog’s Day. The weather was probably eerily similar too.

Listen, we were headed towards a ROY winner in Embiid and a first round exit to the Cavs. I know that. But when will the basketball gods shine on us? Hold Ben Simmons out get a top 5 pick rinse and repeat. I’m worried about when too much is in fact too much.

At one point we are going to need to develop a team with players and build towards the future. Stacking draft picks is great, the more star power the better, but their are side effects to this. The current management has already shown they can piss off a player. It isn’t reported enough the way the Sixers managed the shopping of Noel in the summer. It rubbed him the wrong way. He elected to have surgery on his knee because he knew he wasn’t in the teams long term plans and wanted to cash in on his impending FA.

Now imagine this pans out and we have Joel Embiid, Simmons, and (insert Josh Jackson Markelle Fultz, top 5 pick with chronic feet/knee injuries here). The Sixers will probably make a splash in free agency sometime in 2018 (Embiid, Paul George, Demarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas, Westbrook, Wiggins, Enes Kanter, Nikola Jokic). How does a team that already shows they treat their players like assets or piss them off entirely continue to keep these guys happy? We can cross pay, numbers, and all that a couple years from now, but it is something to think about for the future.

Joel Embiid will miss the next four games “minimum”.

Colangelo discussed the doctors being “prudent” and easing Joel back into a game to prevent further injury. What struck me though was when asked if he believes surgery is in order for Embiid, Colangelo says, “I certainly hope not, but I’m not ruling anything out.” Jesus Bryan! Show me some confidence to trust in one time. It’s like me going to the doctor for a mole that is a little discolored. “Hey Doc, think it’ll be a quick removal process? Probably not cancerous right?” “Well I certainly hope not, but I’m not ruling out you have Stage 4 Liver cancer as well!”

Colangelo says he doesn’t want to mislead the fans or the media anymore, but if Godner comes in and scoops them like he did on the Embiid knee injury and it comes out they knew Embiid needed surgery the whole time. Well this isn’t a process I’m going to continue to trust.

The Trade Deadline: “The best deal I could do.”

The more I look into the Nerlens deal the more I talk myself into it being a wash in the future. Nerlens Noel will play for the next 10 years in the NBA there is no denying that and I would’t be surprised if he is a key bench contributor on a championship team. As I mentioned earlier Nerlens wasn’t happy with management and he was going to get an offer sheet higher then Bismack Biyombos 4yr/$70 mil. You can’t pay your back up center/insurance policy $20+ mil a year and the Sixers didn’t seem to want to incorporate him and Embiid on the floor at the same time.

On the other side, Justin Anderson is an average efficient defensive player that can show streaks of shooting the ball. He played behind big contract guys Harrison Barnes and Wesley Matthews and could flourish in a role as a ‘do everything wing’. That’s about all I can stomach discussing this colossal failure of a trade.

To me it is not about the deal that Colangelo did, but more about the deal that he didn’t do which will be an example of how he handles these in the future. There were so many teams linked to Jahlil Okafor I lost track. A deal was so “imminent”they left Jah back in Philly while they played Charlotte only for Portland to decide the Nuggets were a better suitor.

We don’t know what goes into these deals behind the scenes, but being linked to Portland, Boston, Chicago, Indiana, Dallas, etc. all in the span of a week is absurd. GMs get spooked easily when the report comes out they are dealing with so and so team and then hear the backlash or encouragement from the media and fans. Hinkie was a master of pulling off deals with teams from seemingly out of nowhere. Something Colangelo has to get better at. If there was no real value for Jahlil this time fine, but the next trade situation will be a litmus test for how competent we think Colangelo will be here.

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