Sixers Trade Deadline Live Blog

I’ll continue to update accordingly as the trade deadline looms. It’s lost its luster from years past because I remember where I was when MCW was traded. Lets see what Bryan Colangelo is made of.

Last Night: Jahlil himself may be pushing for a trade to his home town. 

11:45 AM: According to Woj talks are advancing between the Mavericks and Sixers regarding Nerlens Noel.

11:55 AM: And 5 minutes later. Woj Bomb hits and Nerlens Noel traded to Mavericks for Justin Anderson, Andrew Bogut, and a protected 1st round pick (#1-#18 believed).

12:48: Have made the executive decision to add the WojBomb.Gif created by @JeffMcDev to every Woj related Trade/FA Signing Post ever. Respect the GOATs.


12:10 PM:

12:57 PM: According to Zach Lowe if the Protected Top 18 Pick doesn’t convey this year. Has to be more Colangelo is trying to swing.

2:20 PM: Sixers may be making late push for Avery Bradley.

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