Report: Nerlens Noel Traded to Mavericks for Justin Anderson, Andrew Bogut and 1st Round Pick


Adrian Wojnarowski has reported.

Sixers Get:

Mavericks Get:

  • Nerlens Noel

A lot to process right now, but the main takeaway is this. It was very unlikely that Bryan Colangelo was going to make anyone happy with his first deal at the deadline. There is still an essence of Sam Hinkie here who was lauded for his ability to win deals every time. It didn’t help Colangelo’s case with the lies he spewed of 94.1 either a week before about Simmons’ return/foot injury.

Bryan Colangelo wanted to flip Nerlens for whatever he could get before he had to pay this offseason or let him go for nothing. Justin Anderson has become an average 3 pt shooter since he left Virginia where he shot 45% from 3 his last season and boasts average defensive numbers. Something tells me Colangelo isn’t done yet, but Bogut will just be included in that possible Paul George to Boston trade looming.



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