Sixers are Investing in the Future…of Nerds

The Sixers long the team to not be afraid to make uncanny business decisions, have started their own Sixers Innovation Lab. The Lab will house 4-6 startup sports related start up companies by the end of the year in the new practice facility in Camden. The first start up, Monster Roster, is a company that uses recommendation tools to give your fantasy roster the highest chance of winning.

The Sixers though are one of just a handful of teams that have started banking on Silicon Valley. The Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Orlando Magic, who started this back in 2012, are the teams at the forefront. Seth Berger, the creator of AND1 and my childhood favorite shirt, is leading the incubator and is a good friend of Sixers’ CEO Scott O’Neill.

Crunchbase estimated $1B was invested by VC’s in Sports related start ups in 2014. The Sixers are looking for a piece of the pie and hopefully an advantage for on the court prominence.

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