Welcome to K Lot Chronicles

Welcome to K Lot Chronicles. Here I’ll touch on sports in the Philadelphia area as well as viral sports videos, stories, and happenings. Honestly, I started this as a hobby and to develop my content marketing expertise. Being in between jobs has given me the free time to pursue endeavors like this and you can expect multiple posts a day from me and others that will contribute in the future. I’m going to keep it analytical-“Why Jah is better than we may give him credit for?” and humorous-“Why Jah should’ve been dealt after I saw him fall onto an Uber hammered outside Bleu Martini last winter.” Titles will continue to be that long, but I hope you enjoy and come along this journey as I find out how far this blog can go.

Regarding the name of the blog. Jetro is where I saw my first boob at 10. I’m sure a lot of you have similar stories, but K Lot holds a special place for some of my favorite sports memories. I’ve tailgated there for all Temple, Phillies and Eagles games, as well as concert events along with many of you who will read this site. It only got better after Jeffrey Lurie added the solar panel roofs and started caring more about the “green” off the field than the one on the field. Yes, that was a renewable energy joke. The purpose of the blog at this point is to have you talking to your buddies while tailgating and saying, “Hey, did you see that on K Lot Chronicles?” How am I going to compete with the other blogs? Short answer: at this point I’m not, but who doesn’t like a blue collar hardworking success story. From small town blogger to a statue outside the Art Museum.

Enjoy this site and the content will continue to get better everyday–unfortunately the grammar and perpetual dad jokes won’t.

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